How to host the perfect bachelorette party

When planning a bachelorette party, there are many things to consider. If you are the lucky member of the bridal party to be chosen to arrange a great bachelorette bash for the most important girls in a bride’s life, and you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the process, fear not! This post is designed to help you zero in on exactly what you should be thinking about, whatever kind of bachelor party you are planning!


Price Point

The first thing to consider when planning a bachelorette party. How much money are you (and the other guests) planning to spend? Most important is that the bride should not have to spend a penny, but equally, you and the other guests should never go into debt for the bachelorette party! Work out what you and the guests are willing to spend well ahead of time, and ask for money upfront. It’s a good idea to provide a detailed itinerary to the guests, so that they know what they are paying for, and taking money ahead of time means no awkward dividing up of bills later on. It also saves you emailing awkward, “You still owe me…” messages to women you may not know very well.


As to the ideal price point, this depends on you. (And the bride, of course.) A bachelorette party may be as lavish as a Vegas weekend complete with luxury spa treatment and room service in a four-star hotel. But could be as simple as DIY spa kits, a night of fun party games at a great club, and girlie bonding over a fancy brunch the next day. The important part is to tailor it to the bride’s taste, while keeping it affordable and fun for everyone else!


Guest List

Make sure the guest list actually comes from the bride. This may seem like a no-brainer, but not everyone in the wedding party are ideal bachelorette party material. Also, if the wedding is an out-of-town affair, their may be people in the bride’s life she wants at the bachelorette party, who can’t attend the wedding. The important thing is to have guests who all make the bride feel comfortable letting loose and having fun. Be sure to send out invitations to the event, and schedule it at a time that gives at least a few days before the rehearsal dinner. The last thing the bride wants is to be hungover or exhausted for the other wedding festivities!


When constructing the guest list, be aware that more than twelve people at a bachelorette party can become difficult to arrange. Also, since these women are likely coming from various parts of the bride’s life, (college friends, work friends, childhood friends, close family members,) many of them may not know each other. Plan some ice-breaking games and allow time for everyone to get comfortable with each other. The point of a bachelorette party, after all, is for some great bonding time for the bride before the wedding.



Again, these should be tailored to both the event itself, and the bride’s particular taste. This is one area where you can really go to town and have fun. If you’re crafty enough to personalize the event with homemade decorations, so much the better. If the bride has a particular interest you can work into a theme for your event (for example, if she really loves old movies) consider tailoring your decorations to that. You can even suggest a style for you guests to dress in. Try suggesting a 1920s flapper themed bachelorette. If arriving in costume is too much, offer fun, photo-friendly accessories to everyone in attendance, like a feather boa, tiara, or flower crown. Matching accessories offer lots of opportunities for Instagram moments throughout the night.



The huge factor in finding the perfect location for a bachelorette party is price point. However, it may surprise you to know that you can get something memorable even at the smaller end of the pricing scale. Using Airbnb for an out-of-town bachelorette is one way to save money, while hotels and spas offer discount when you are booking early. At-home professional spa treatments are less expensive than booking a day of spa treatment for ten people, while going to a club is likely to be cheaper than a personal visit from a stripper. There are lots of ways to have fun whatever you choose.


If the party involves a night, or nights, at more than one venue, be sure to arrange transportation to the venues. This is especially important if the night involves drinking. You want to be sure everyone can get home safely. It may also be a good idea, depending on the size of your party, to book with the venue ahead of time. Nothing worse than not being able to find a table! Also, mentioning the bachelorette party when you’re booking could get you deals or special offers for the bride and guests.



The list of activities to choose from is endless. You could choose to go the typical route of bar-hopping and a private visit from a stripper, if that’s what you’re bride might enjoy. You could decide on a spa day. Or you could combine the two. Curate your activities to your bride’s interests, but make sure to leave room in the schedule for relaxing and catching up. Try something more adventurous mixed with convention: Take a pole-dancing class before a relaxing spa treatment, or hang out poolside before a night of bar-hopping debauchery. Make sure to let guests know the itinerary, and don’t plan anything too wild without checking in to make sure everyone can participate. No matching tattoos unless everyone is on board! Make time for photo ops throughout the party. Pictures are the cheapest and easiest souvenirs of the night!



A bachelorette party is not meant to be a bridal shower. Having said that, it might be a nice opportunity to offer gag gifts to the bride, such as risque lingerie, or a special wig or accessory to wear throughout the night. It’s also nice to offer something for the guests to remember the night. Again, this can be tailored to the particular style of the event. A little goodie bag of beauty products can be a nice addition to a spa-themed bachelorette, while matching feather boas or phallic straws are a fun and funny addition to a night spent in clubs. Since the mementos are a great way for the bride to thank her friends for celebrating her special night, this may be the one part of the process you will want to include the bride’s opinion. As usual, don’t break the bank, but keep in mind, everyone helped to pay for this special night, and they deserve a bit of a treat as well.


Of course, as we’ve mentioned, photographs are a great memento. You may even choose to hire a professional photographer to capture parts of the night(s). This ensures you get the best quality photograph, and that no one is missing from the moment.